Congratulations on venturing out! The value of private, transformational coaching is having the option to get customized and personalized direction and guidance for your particular wants and individual difficulties. One-on-One Coaching is the most important part of our coaching business, it will amplify your potential and along these lines open wellsprings of innovativeness and efficiency you may have not have known was inside you. Sessions can be custom-tailored to your needs in both time and frequency. Sessions can be done in person, over the phone, or through Zoom video chat.



  • Personal one on one coaching 

  • Custom-tailored to your individual needs 

  • Times to suit your schedule, and time scale to suit you as well 

  • A framework for your future and a strategy for success



  • An individual who needs to accomplish an objective and have been battling with it all alone. 

  • An individual who realizes they need more from life yet not certain on how to get it. 

  • An individual facing or going through a particular challenge or change. 

  • An individual who wishes to work or perform more productively and effectively. 

  • An individual who is beginning or managing a business and requires a confidential guide to help focus on other priorities.

The Groups and Classes that I offer are created to advance, inspire and make a landmark change in your life, by providing new instruments, direction, and a step-by-step plan. It is designed to help you get customized results and unlock your potential in a group setting.


Together we'll make a clear vision of what you need your life to be. We will explore who you want to be and how you need to be seen. We'll decide your own inspiration so you can be an incredible leader of your life. You'll become a leader who oozes quality, certainty and grace. The leader you were intended to be. 


These engaging and interactive training sessions bring divisions and teams together for group learning, discussion and discovery focused on communication, team effectiveness, organizational culture and leadership. Together, we assess your actual self, your natural strengths and your very own needs. We tailor an arrangement for you to implement during the course of our sessions.



When we've made your Life Action Plan, we expand on your advancement step by step. With significant tools, methods and accountability, I will join forces with you to create a new and empowered perspective on your life and to accomplish balance. Through the sessions, we explore, review and experiment with these tools so that you have various methods for seeing and acting in circumstances as they appear. I bolster you to address them with a new and unique perspective. 


By the end of the Groups and Classes, you'll experience extraordinary, better outcomes. You'll turn into another, improved version of yourself. One that is engaged to deal with each circumstance that comes your way with style and grace. You'll feel back in charge and satisfied in light of the fact that you presently have tools and methods to access as and when required. You'll begin to flourish as you feel back in stream with your life. 

People are often surprised by my opinion that online coaching can be even better and more effective than in-person work. How can I say that? It’s because I do both. Here’s what’s telling: Even though I’m in my Winter Garden, Florida office and am totally available for in-person meetings, I have clients who live or work with in a mile of me who still prefer to meet online most of the time. They feel like they get just as much, if not more, out of our work together when we meet through online video.


They tell me that they like being in the privacy and comfort of their own environment when they dig into deeper issues. They feel like it helps them be more open and honest with both me, and themselves. They like being able to share their home with me. The fact that I know what their curtains look like, or can check out the newly re-organized closet they are so proud of, or have virtually met their dog makes it feel like a more intimate relationship.


They also like knowing that, if they do make contact with big emotions during our coaching session they don’t have to worry about hiding their red mascara-streaked faces from my receptionist, or fellow travelers on the way back down the elevator. For many, having quiet time before and after our meetings to journal, to plan what they want to talk about, or to take immediate action on all the new ideas that often fall out of our sessions (instead of being immediately distracted by driving) is a crucial part of the experience.

Sitting in your office drowning in emails? Battling your way through meetings? Overpowered by perpetual 'to do list'? I bet it is hard to even find the time to consider taking time out. Be that as it may, what might it take for you to invest significant time, to set aside time for YOU? To not only energize the batteries but to super charge the batteries, and have a truly life fulfilling experience?


The outings are intended to make genuine life changing encounters in an exceptional and unforgettable settings. Giving you the tools, network and fortitude to step into the REAL you. You will also spend time learning about each other’s individual strengths and core qualities, clarify team values and purpose, or collectively explore strategic plans for the future. You will create incredible improvements physically, emotionally and spiritually and when you return home the progressions will last far longer than your tan. 


Why should you spend your hard earned money and limited holiday on this?

  • First of all you deserve it.

  • It's taking responsibility for your life and saying "nothing more will be tolerated, things need to change". 

  • You will reconnect with the incredible and lively people are and will learn better approaches to move toward life. 

  • You'll have tools for life to conquer hindrances and bolster you in any circumstance. 

  • You'll have a network of individuals advocating you and supporting you to greatness. 

  • You will learn self-care strategies and will let go of old negative habits. 

  • It's appearing for yourself such that you never have and making out REAL improvements. 

Do you have your own in house Learning and Development department? If not, and you'd prefer to consider assembling a program for your staff, I can help. I give a bespoke contribution to each firm I work with, so there is no "off the rack" service. It is significant that we cooperate to achieve your goals and to offer the help, training and skills that your team(s) are searching for in 2020. 


You may be searching for a lunch and learn style meeting, or a more drawn out workshop through our corporate program, kindly connect and we can organize a visit to see what you need. Working with organizations and companies to improve the mental health & wellbeing of their people. Assessments give leaders a baseline understanding of their strengths and gap areas.


For an organization or company and its staffs to effectively actualize change, Leaders must use proven strategies to keenly and intentionally deal with the numerous important communications and actions along the way. Furthermore, for entities to perform at the most elated level, the organizational culture must make a positive environment in which colleagues can flourish. 


Teams work all the more efficiently when they invest time finding out about one another's individual qualities and core characteristics, explain team values and purpose, or altogether explore vital plans for the future to come. Appraisals give Leaders a baseline understanding of their qualities, strengths and gap areas



  • Increases understanding in the workplace 

  • Enhances business procedures 

  • Improves working relationships 

  • Increase your efficiency         

  • Improves communication between colleagues 

  • Helps avoid conflict 

  • Learn what kind of work is best suited to each of the types, allowing you to get the most out of yourself and your staff


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