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You are exhausted, don't know what to do next, who to ask or where to turn. I get it! I see you, and I am here to help you navigate this difficult time in your life. Divorce is a major catalyst for change in your life, and in most cases, divorce is the single most traumatic, significant, and comprehensive emotional, legal, and financial event you will ever experience. One thing is certain, your life will not look the same afterwards. Yes, it will be challenging, and it can be painful. But I can help you! I'm here to guide you to and through divorce to the BIGGER, HAPPIER, HEALTHIER LIFE you deserve.


So if you’re considering divorce or perhaps recently divorced, let me get right to the point. You need a divorce coach! Just as lawyers and financial experts have very important and specific roles in the divorce process, as a divorce coach I have the job of supporting and guiding my clients through the challenging maze of emotions. I ensure that self-care is prioritized so my clients can make informed decisions from a place of clarity of mind.  I rely on my personal and professional experience, training, and connections to create structure, safety and space. This is critical because each divorce is unique, and each of my client’s needs are different. 


My divorce coaching process is customized to you and your unique needs, and it’s designed to guide you through the emotional minefield of divorce, and help you build your self-confidence and inner strength. My coaching will help you to rediscover what is important to you, move towards hope and healing, and create a new, vibrant and fulfilling life.  Divorce coaching is a flexible, goal-oriented process designed to support, motivate, and guide people going through divorce to help them make the best possible decisions for their future, based on their particular interests, needs, and concerns. As a certified divorce coach, I sit between the legal advice of an attorney and the emotional support of a therapist. 


At a time of incredible emotional upheaval, you also have to reveal our truth and re-invent your future, manage a new financial reality, and many times need to care for your children who are struggling too. All this, at a time when you feel most vulnerable and may want to just hide away. This is the perfect time for you to receive the support that I can provide you as your personal divorce coach. But, I like to think of our coaching as a partnership.  I can show you techniques and strategies, and help you to identify how you could do things differently.  You have a part to play too, in committing to the process.  You will leave every session with me with an action plan to help yourself to take positive steps forward, one at a time. 

Who do you need on your side right now? 


I will be your way finder! My roadmap to, through and beyond divorce was created just for you, and was built on 20 years of professional coaching experience empowering women. As your coach, these are just a few of the many way I will support you as your divorce coach:


  • Dedicated only to you

  • Streamline the divorce process

  • Fierce advocate & compassionate listener

  • Help you reveal your true core self

  • Infidelity recovery and support

  • Develop calm, clear, and confident communication strategy 

  • Establish skills to reframe maddening situations

  • Strategic decision making skills

  • Self-love and self-care routines designed just for you and your kids

  • Holistic Replenishment Cycle (Emotional, Physical, Intellectual, Spiritual)

  • Creative mindfulness exercises, art and writing meditations

  • Development of healthy boundaries 

  • Editorial review of important emails and texts to your ex-spouse

  • Mom-to-mom insights and support with parenting agreements

  • Organizing the endless paperwork

  • Important questions to ask your attorney 

  • In-person or virtual support for court and mediation

  • Healthy dating and relationship guidance

  • Re-vision life after divorce with steps to get there

  • Save money on exorbitant attorney’s fees

  • And much more!


To learn more about how my divorce coaching can specifically help you navigate this difficult time in your life, you can schedule a FREE DISCOVERY SESSION or complete the form below.

Together, we work through your emotions and explore the strategies, skills and techniques that will help you to take back control and move forward positively.  I will help you identify how you can take responsibility, get clarity, make choices and travel your own path through your divorce towards a future you are excited to live.  When I work in depth with you, I can help you make positive, sustainable and measurable changes. Those changes ripple out, and the long-lasting benefits can be felt by everyone around you – those you love, your friends and colleagues. The changes aren’t temporary either – they will last for years to come. But just know, my role as a divorce coach doesn’t usually end when the divorce papers are signed, I'm here to help you to get back to your brightest self, to be clear-minded and confident. It's my job to make sure that you are not just practicing self-care, but that you are falling in love with the new life and opportunities you have to, through and well beyond divorce.

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